Stumbling Blocks

We all know the disappointment of trying and failing to lose weight.  Our stumbling blocks are the things, times, people and places that trip us up, that sabotage our weight loss efforts.  For some it’s a certain time of the day, for others it might be work drinks, the second helping, the left over mac and cheese off your kids plate.

Everyone’s STUMBLING BLOCKS will be different, but all our triggers have the same effect- they cause us to go weak at the knees, to lose sight of the prize, to start eating unhealthily. 



Write down the specific people, places and times that sabotage your weight loss;

WHO.  Who are people in your life that make it difficult for you to stick to your weight loss programme?  The friend who loves to go out for burgers?  A work colleague who pours you the second glass of wine?  The partner who cooks unhealthy meals? 

WHERE.  Where are the specific places you find it difficult to be strong?   The Movies?  Out for dinner?  Work drinks?  The Staff Lunchroom? 

WHEN.  When are the specific times of the day and week that trip you up?   Morning tea? Late afternoon?  Friday night?



Go through your who, where and when and write down why these specific things get in your way.   Look them straight in the eye - ask yourself what it is about that person or situation? - is it FOMO, boredom, sadness, anxiety, awkwardness, desire to fit in or maybe just habit.  For example, I realised that my friend and I always met together for a glass of wine.  No real reason other than habit.



Now next to each trigger write a specific plan to weaken the problem.  If it’s work drinks that you find hard, then try alternating wine with soda water.  Or spritz your wine with sparkling water.  Or drink gin and diet tonic.  Make a plan before you get into the situation so you are armed and ready.

If it’s your partner’s cooking habits that sabotage you, try halving your portion and giving them the other half for lunch the next day.  Offer to cook yourself a few nights a week.  Explain to them how you are trying to eat and get them on board with your goals.

If it’s eating sweet things late afternoon, try having half of your FastFx at lunch and then the other half at 3 o’clock.  Or suck on a sugar free sweet.  Or have a large glass of sparkling water with lemon.

My ‘wine friend’ and I have changed our habit so now instead of catching up at the Bar, we go for a walk - trigger identified and a plan made to address it. 



If you are struggling to identify or to address your triggers then drop us line.  We’d love to help you find out what is standing in your way of achieving your weight loss goals.