Discover your Weight Loss WHY

Losing weight is hard but the alternative is harder.  You know the heartache of being over weight.  Not to mention that our bodies can’t function properly if they’re weighed down by excess fat.  Losing the weight not only frees your body from that burden but it also frees you to live the life you always wanted.  A life where you can feel good about yourself in public, and not feel the need to hide.  Where you can exercise comfortably, go dancing, play with your kids.  Where you can feel confident at the beach, at a nightclub, in the bedroom.


Discover your WHY

How would your life be different without the weight?  What do you long for?  Keeping this in mind is what will keep you on track.  Take time today to write down all the reasons you want to lose the weight.

1.  Start broad

Write down as many reasons you can think of for losing the weight – “I want to feel good about myself”.   “I want to be healthy for my kids”.  “I want to lower my blood pressure”.  “I want to look great on my wedding day” etc…

2.  Choose three

Now, go through your list and circle the top 3 your reasons why you want to lose the weight.  They will all be great reasons, but 3 will jump out at you as being especially important.

3.  Focus your WHY

Now, focus each of those reasons down to a specific bullet point.  For example “I want to feel good about myself” might focus down to “I want to be able to go out with friends and feel attractive” might focus even further down to “I want to wear that cocktail dress I have in the back of the cupboard and feel amazing”.  Do this for each of your 3 Whys.

4.  Choose your ultimate WHY

Now, choose a specific reason from one of those bullet points and make that your reason WHY.  This will be what sustains you through your weight loss journey.  You can go back to your other list later, so keep it handy, but for now, focus on this one WHY and make it your mantra.

5.  Remind yourself daily – WHY

Now that you have your reason WHY, remind yourself every day.  Write the WHY down and stick it on your mirror, on your fridge, by your bed.  Set an alarm on your phone so you are reminded daily WHY.  So you feel great on your wedding day?  So you can have a baby? To deal with a health concern?  So you can wear a swimsuit?  So you can dance around your lounge in your underwear?  We all want to lose the weight for different reasons. 

Find your WHY and you’ll find your motivation.  And remember, this isn’t just about the weight you’ll lose – It’s about the life you’ll gain