Invite yourself to dinner

Sometimes we hastily, mindlessly shove food down; food that isn't tasty and that doesn't fuel us.  Eating for boredom, or habit, or self hatred.  The impulsive burger eaten in the car at the traffic lights.  The bar of chocolate that is eaten sneakily and then the wrapper hidden.  Sometimes our eating habits look more like a drug habit than a way of nourishing our bodies. It's OK, all of us have done it, will do it, or are still doing it.  It's part of our society's slightly messed up attitude around food and what it's for and how we should feel about it and about our bodies.
But actually, you have more value than that!  You deserve more than a gobbled down packet of biscuits.  So, next time you catch yourself about to mindlessly eat...



Instead, why not try this?

Every time you eat, pretend you are having friends over for dinner.  You wouldn't welcome friends over and take them to the pantry or stand them in front of the open fridge, and then just hand them a packet of chips each and tell them to dig in? No.  Hopefully not!  I'm picking you'd plan a little in advance.  Perhaps set the table for them.  You'd prepare something fresh and healthy and delicious.  Maybe you'd light a candle.  You'd savour the meal, the tastes, the sights, the smells.  So why don't we do that for ourselves?


Invite yourself to dinner

Today, try inviting yourself to dinner!  Choose to prepare for yourself only something lovely.  It doesn't have to be fancy, or expensive; it just has to be worthy of you.  Not uncooked batter from the mixing bowl!  Not soggy chicken nuggets or two day old pizza!  If you wouldn't serve it to your friends, don't serve it to yourself.  You have value!  Eat like it!!