Not all Meal Replacements are Created Equal

FastFx Contains Pea Protein

Most other Meal Replacements get their protein from Milk Products, but FastFx uses Pea Protein.

Plant based proteins have many benefits over Milk products. Firstly, many people are lactose intolerant and may not even know it.  This can mean that other Meal Replacements can make you feel sick, constipated or give you diarrhoea.    Having a product that is totally dairy free removes this problem.  It is therefore also suitable for Vegans.

Also, Pea Protein is jammed packed with amino acids.  In fact, the amino acids in peas are off the chart!  For example, pea protein contains three times more arginine than whey protein – an essential amino acid for growing muscles.  The more muscle you grow, the faster your metabolism burns!

Pea protein is also a much slower digesting protein, meaning that you stay fuller for longer.

Peas are also regarded as a more sustainable source of protein.  Better for the environment, better for you.


FastFx contains Inulin

Inulin (we source ours from Chicory root) travels to the gut and supports the growth of healthy gut bacteria. This keeps the gut balanced.  For many people this helps create healthier bowel movements and a happier digestive system.  Not only does this make you feel better, but a well functioning gut digests better, meaning more weight loss.

Inulin also regulates hunger hormones, keeping hunger at bay for longer.

We have included Inulin in our formula because not only does it help make you feel fuller for longer, but it also promotes a healthy gut.


FastFx Contains no Artificial Flavours or Additives

Most other Meal Replacements contain additives, artificial flavours and sweeteners.  Keeping it natural means that FastFx is better for you and you’ll also notice the difference in the taste.  No nasty bitterness from aspartame.  No preservatives, no chemicals, no numbers!  Our ingredients are simply plants, vegetables and algae – in careful balance, to provide gut health and the ultimate weight loss.


So, now that you’ve made the decision to lose the weight – chose the healthier Meal Replacement option!