Developed by a Gastroenterologist

Dr Alasdair Patrick is a Gastroenterologist in Auckland, New Zealand.  Director of the largest private Gastroenterology Clinic in NZ (The MacMurray Centre) and a Specialist at Middlemore Hospital,  Dr Patrick saw patients needing help with weight loss, gut concerns and nutrition.

He saw, first hand, the health impacts of these concerns and also became worried about the integrity of many of the existing products in the market. Products claiming to be effective - often with little or no science behind them, products that contained artificial products, full of preservatives, fillers, or sweeteners and products that were made overseas by large, multinational companies.

He decided to do something about it. 

He assembled a team of multi-disciplined experts - nutrition production specialists, Dietitians and Psychologists and began HealthFx - committed to producing NZ made, vegan Meal Replacements and digestive health supplements that Kiwis could trust.

Dr Patrick has several criteria for all new products:

Plant based

With more than 65% of the population being lactose intolerant (and many not even realising it), it is essential that HealthFx products be dairy free. Too many of Dr Patrick’s patients were using products like Optifast or Optislim, both of which have a dairy base. They were suffering from upset guts, constipation and diarrhoea. By using plant protein, instead of traditional whey protein or milk powder,  Dr Patrick and his team were able to eliminate the complications caused by dairy intolerance. Because all HealthFx products are vegan, they are much gentler on the digestive system.

Contain no nasties

Most of the Meal Replacements and Supplements on the market contain artificial flavours, colouring, sweeteners, anti-caking agents and preservatives.  When using a product several times a day and over an extended period of time, the impact of chemicals and preservatives can be significant.  They can have serious impact on the microbiome of your gut.

Dr Patrick insists that HealthFx products contain only ingredients that are good for you. 

Because HealthFx won't cut any corners by using preservatives etc, sometimes our products are more expensive. But, your health is paramount, so we are committed to only using the very best ingredients.

Based on robust Clinical Science

Many 'health' products on the market are not grounded in strong science.  Fancy instagram ads and a celebrity endorsement may seem convincing - but it doesn’t mean a product is based on sound medicine.  Dr Patrick insists that every ingredient used in HealthFx products be backed up by rigorous science. 

You can read some of the research under each ingredient in the nutritional section.

Dr Patrick is proud of what he and his team have achieved in developing the HealthFx product range. He is excited about everything that they’ve put in it, and everything they’ve kept out. 

The MacMurray Centre

The research and science supporting the HealthFX products have been undertaken by Gastroenterologist Dr Alasdair Patrick from The MacMurray Centre in Auckland, New Zealand.

The MacMurray Centre has a large team of medical specialists that work closely together to provide diagnosis and comprehensive medical services for digestive health, including dietetic packages and non-surgical weight loss solutions that are safe and effective. While HealthFx products are effective tools, if you require specialist treatment for the management of Obesity, or Digestive Diseases, contact the MacMurray Centre..

The benefits of HealthFX

Good for your health… proven by scientific-backed research

Natural Flavours & No Preservatives
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Dairy & Gluten Free
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