Enhance your Health Journey with a Subscription

Getting your FastFx or TotALL on subscription is a great way to boost your health journey.


Keeps your momentum

Health or weight loss is a journey, sometimes with bumps along the way.  Setting a subscription to automatically deliver your product helps to minimise those problems.  Regularly receiving your order means you are much more likely to keep going.


Sends a message to your future self

Often we are really determined to get healthy or to lose weight and then that motivation drops off.  By setting up a subscription when you are highly motivated, you send a message to your future self that you mean business.  Even in those weeks when you might feel like giving up, your subscription will still arrive - your motivated-self helps your future-self stay on track.


Avoids running out of product

When you are seeing great results it can be devastating to run out of product.  Life gets busy and forgetting to order in time can derail you.  We get lots of frantic phone calls from people desperate to get more product before they run out.  Setting a subscription means you will never run out again.


Saves you time and energy

Set and forget.  A subscription only requires a few minutes on the website and then you don’t have to do another thing.  Unless you choose to pause, skip or cancel your subscription, we will just send it.  Once less thing you need to worry about.


Saves you money

And, of course, you save on every order, so it’s win win.



Just head to the product, flavour or bundle you would like to buy.

Scroll down to SUBSCRIBE & SAVE.

Click on the delivery frequency that suits you.



To check, pause or cancel your Subscription, head to YOUR ACCOUNT.

At the top of you ACCOUNT, click on SUBSCRIPTIONS.  Here you can make changes to your subscription.  If you would like to change your flavours for an order, please drop us an email.