Green Apple & Greek Yoghurt Recipe

With the days getting longer and lighter, it's a great time to blow out the cobwebs and add some variety to your weight loss programme.

While FastFx is the lowest in calories when just mixed with water, we know that change can be helpful in keeping on track.

Try mixing Green Apple FastFx with some greek yoghurt.  This recipe will add 170 calories (total of 356 calories) - so this is a sometimes recipe.



Green Apple FastFx                        1-3 scoops

Unsweetened Greek Yoghurt         150 grams  (2/3 cup)

Granny Smith Apple, chopped       Half 



Spoon yoghurt into a bowl.

Add 1-3 scoops of FastFx to the yoghurt.

Mix together.

Top with chopped apple.

Eat immediately.



Green Apple and Greek Yoghurt