TotAll Meal Replacement – Naked

900 g
Servings per package: 14
Serving Size: 450 ml
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TotALL is a medically based, Formulated Meal Replacement, that you mix and drink instead of (or as well as) a meal.  It contains absolutely ALL the essentials you need to stay healthy and fuelled. 

Are you too busy to eat properly?  Care for a fussy eater, or have health concerns that mean you can’t eat normally? Or do you just want to supplement your daily nutrition? 

Vegan, dairy and gluten-free, each serve of TotALL contains a massive 22g of protein (from a blend of pea and fava bean), as well as 30% of your daily vitamins and minerals.  

Naked Flavour

A subtle, creamy vanilla, perfect on its own or as a base if you like to add extras to your smoothie.  Naked but not naughty!

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