TotAll Triple Bundle

2.7 kg
Servings per Bundle: 14
Serving Size: 450 ml

TotAll is a convenient meal replacement for on-the-go lifestyles. This discounted bundle includes 3 tubs (of any flavour combination) - 42 complete meals, at only $5.00 per meal -  delivering quality, affordable nutrition.

The TotAll Bundle combines the convenience of a meal-on-the-go, with the expertise of a doctor-designed nutrition plan. Affordable, quick and easy. 

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The perfect way to start your weight loss journey

With a total of 60 serves, this bundle will give you 2 meals a day for 30 days. 

The most cost effective way to lose weight on the FastFx programme - at only $3.67 per meal.

What is the price of weight loss?

FastFx is actually more cost effective than eating regular food !

Especially with the cost of fresh food increasing significantly, it has never been cheaper to get all your essentials in one serve at only $3.67 per meal !

FastFx serve = $3.67 vs Deli Sandwich = $8.50

FastFx serve = $3.67 vs Burger & Fries = $25

FastFx serve = $3.67 vs Sushi Meal = $12.50

FastFx serve = $3.67 vs Spaghetti Bolognese = $6.23

FastFx serve = $3.67 vs Home Cooked Steak Dinner = $16.78

FastFx serve = $3.67 vs Muesli, Fruit & Yoghurt = $4.38

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