Meal Replacement Tomato Soup

500 ml
Servings per package: 2
Serving Size: 250 ml

Vine ripened tomatoes, seasoned with aromatic Italian herbs & garlic. Ready to eat soup, packed full of healthy vegetables to add some variety to your meals.

Just like a FastFx Smoothie, FastFx Soup is a Formulated Meal Replacement, packed with all the essentials you need, but extremely low in calories.

Snap-packed in a pouch, together with 2 sachets of savoury FastFx “super-natural” powder.

Just heat, mix in the “good stuff” and eat.

Everything you need and nothing you don’t – to stay full, healthy as you lose weight.



  • Heat the contents of the soup in microwave or stove top
  • Mix in the sachet of FastFx powder (provided)
  • Add hot water to taste

    Nutritional Information

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