2 week Weight Loss Programme

Servings per Bundle: 44
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Turn things around in two weeks

Introducing our simple and highly effective 2 Week Weight Loss Programme. Your personal roadmap to getting it off and keeping it off. This fantastic resource provides you with the right combination of information and tools to set yourself up to achieve weight loss success.

Two week Weight Loss Programme including recipes, product and support to lose weight and keep it off.




The FastFx Cook Book – (including Eating plan, Shopping Lists & Recipes).

  • 2x Bags of FastFx Meal Replacement (40 serves). Any flavour combo option.
  • 2x FastFx Meal Replacement Soups (4 serves). Any flavour combo option.
  • 2 Week Eating Plan
  • 12 very low calorie Recipes (for your 2 cups of vegetables)
  • Shopping Lists
  • Snack ideas
  • Daily articles to tackle the psychological components of weight loss
  • Action points for each day’s learning
  • Written by our Psychologist, in consultation with our Doctor and Nutritionist

    FastFx Mixed Pack - Single Serves x 6
    Shake & Soup Bundle
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    TotAll Triple Bundle
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