How do I use Eliminate?

  1. Eliminate Meal Replacement can be used to help you determine which foods trigger your gut symptoms. 
  2. Replace all food with 3 servings of Eliminate a day. 
  3. Then over several weeks, reintroduce high FODMAP foods (one at a time) and take note which foods cause gut discomfort. 
  4. These will be the foods you need to avoid. 
  5. An Elimination Diet is best done under the supervision of a Dietitian or Doctor.
  1. A simple way to minimise dietary triggers while staying healthy, full and fuelled.

  1. If you already know you feel better on a low FODMAP diet, Eliminate can be used to replace 1, 2 or all 3 meals a day. 

  1. Using Eliminate means you can be confident that you are getting all the essential nutrients and vitamins while minimising food triggers. 
  2. Quick and easy nourishment and energy without the irritants.
  1. Eliminate can be used for medically based, low FODMAP weight loss.
  2. With only 236 calories per serve, use Eliminate to replace 1, 2 or 3 meals a day, to lose weight effectively and safely - while still caring for your gut.
  3. The more meals you replace with Eliminate, the more weight you will lose.
  4. The low FODMAP alternative to FastFx and Optifast.

Why should I use Eliminate Meal Replacement for an elimination diet?

A traditional elimination diet is very complex and time consuming and, because you have to remove so many foods from your diet, you run the risk of lacking essential nutrients and energy.

Typically, it needs to be done carefully under the supervision of a Dietitian or Doctor.  

Eliminate Meal Replacement has been developed to make this phase both simple and safe. 

It means that you can easily and safely remove FODMAPS, but still ensure you are consuming all the essential nutrients.  It also means that you don’t have to think about which foods are high in FODMAPs - we have done all the hard work for you.

Using Eliminate Meal Replacement as an elimination diet?

Gut rest - 2-6 weeks
  • Use Eliminate Meal Replacement to replace all your food for approx 2 weeks (or until your gut symptoms have stopped).
  • You can also eat 2 cups of low FODMAP vegetables.
  • This removes all potential food triggers and allows your gut to rest. 
  • You may choose to eat other foods in addition, just ensure they are low FODMAP.
6-8 weeks
  • Continue to take Eliminate Meal Replacement.
  • Slowly reintroduce food containing FODMAPs, one by one, back into your diet.
  • We recommend doing this under the care of a Dietitian and/or using the Monash FODMAP App.
  • Record which foods you eat and whether you experienced any adverse symptoms.
  • Once it is clear which foods trigger your symptoms, create a diet which excludes these.  
  • Reintroduce non-triggering foods back into your normal diet.
  • Use Eliminate for some or all of your meals to ensure you are getting all your micronutrients and to make it easier to eat low FODMAP.