Sensitive Gut Weight loss - Eliminate Vanilla

Servings per package: 14
Serving Size: 450ml
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Eliminate is a medically formulated Low FODMAP Meal Replacement.

Low in calories and in food triggers, Eliminate can be used as an alternative to FastFx, or Optifast, for those with sensitive guts. 

A simple, effective way to lose weight - no dairy, gluten, fructose, artificial sweeteners or any other FODMAPs.  Designed by a Gastroenterologist for maximum weight loss with minimum gut irritation.

With only 236 calories per serve, use Eliminate to replace 1, 2 or 3 meals a day, to lose weight effectively and safely - while still caring for your gut.

The more meals you replace with Eliminate, the more weight you will lose.


Designed by Gastroenterologists, certified Low FODMAP by Monash University ** with every ingredient backed by robust science. 


Vanilla flavour  

A timeless classic with a subtle, great taste. Made from our natural vanilla, this can also be used as a base to add a few 'extras' to your smoothie if you want.  

Dairy and Gluten Free
No Gut Triggers
17 Vitamins & Minerals
Fructose Free
Plant Protein

Nutritional Information

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** Monash University Low FODMAP Certified product:
FODMAPs are a group of dietary sugars that are indigestible or poorly absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract. Samples of Eliminate products have been analysed and were assessed to be low in FODMAPs.  Monash University Low FODMAP Certified trademarks used under licence in New Zealand by HealthFx Ltd.  One serve can assist with following the Monash University Low FODMAP diet TM. A strict low FODMAP diet should not be commenced without supervision from a healthcare professional.